Season 2

  • Episode 031
    Walter has a new crush and Pat films a difficult scene in the first episode of Season 2.
  • Episode 032
    Melinda grows uncomfortable around Ava
  • Episode 033
    Pat returns to campus as Melinda prepares for Parents’ Weekend
  • Episode 034
    Melinda shows her family her new home
  • Episode 035
    Eliot visits and Walter continues to avoid Pat as Parents’ Weekend winds down
  • Episode 036
    Melinda joins Walter and Pat for movie night at the MAC
  • Episode 037
    Melinda, Walter, and Pat play games at a deserted Hartfield.
  • Episode 038
    It’s a Neogenesis marathon for Melinda, Walter, and Pat.
  • Episode 039
    Pat meets Walter’s friends and Ava joins the NG viewing club.
  • Episode 040
    Leaf fights and lemonade. It’s Service Day.
  • Episode 041
    A MAC dance after service day doesn’t have the ending anyone expected.
  • Episode 042
    Melinda and Walter commiserate.
  • Episode 043
    It’s the Whomping Wheeler Whally.
  • Episode 044
    Will the dress rehearsals never end?
  • Episode 045
    Melinda gets invited to the Victory Ball
  • Episode 046
    An unexpected kiss forces Melinda to reexamine the way she thinks about one of her friends.
  • Episode 047
    Pat brings a special guest to Melinda’s Nutcracker performance.
  • Episode 048
    Melinda and Pat hang out with Walter, in public! Find out how it goes.
  • Episode 049
    Pat introduces Melinda and her friends to a new hangout.
  • Episode 050
    Melinda introduces Crystal to Pat.
  • Episode 051
    After a dinner out, Melinda and Pat are abandoned by their friends (again!)
  • Episode 052
    Melinda and Pat spend their day in the library.
  • Episode 053
    Melinda and Pat announce their relationship to their friends
  • Episode 054
    It’s the first day of finals
  • Episode 055
    Melinda and Pat take a study break during exams
  • Episode 056
    It’s the final day of exams.
  • Episode 057
    Melinda and Pat get a little more time together before heading home.