Season 5

  • Episode 108
    Pat and Melinda make plans to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day together.
  • Episode 109
    When Melinda dances with a friend, Pat can’t help feeling jealous.
  • Episode 110
    Melinda plays matchmaker when she learns a friend has a crush on Walter.
  • Episode 111
    A new shunkhead joins the NeoGenesis viewing club.
  • Episode 112
    Pat meets Brody
  • Episode 113
    Melinda goes on her first double date
  • Episode 114
    It’s game night for Melinda, Pat, and their friends
  • Episode 115
    Pat spends time with a new friend
  • Episode 116
    It’s Super Bowl Sunday
  • Episode 117
    Melinda and Pat perform community service
  • Episode 118
    Pat brings Melinda to the mysterious water tower, but a disagreement ruins their time together.
  • Episode 119
    Could a disagreement between Sarah and Larry mean the end of their relationship?
  • Episode 120
    A new classmate joins Melinda’s study group while Pat trains a new partner for DMH
  • Episode 121
    Melinda and Pat place bets on how long Sarah and Larry will remain apart. Who wins?
  • Episode 122
    It’s the Sweetheart Dance, but not everyone gets to enjoy it.
  • Episode 123
    Pat apologizes for missing the dance
  • Episode 124
    Pat and Melinda both visit the infirmary, but for completely different reasons.
  • Episode 125
    Being sick isn’t fun, for Pat or Melinda.
  • Episode 126
    Melinda is feeling better, but Pat is spending his birthday in the infirmary