Season 3

  • Episode 058
    Melinda tells her mother about her new relationship while Pat tells his siblings
  • Episode 059
    Celebrate Thanksgiving with Melinda and Pat and their families
  • Episode 060
    Melinda babysits her neighbors
  • Episode 061
    Melinda’s night of Christmas caroling is tainted by a rumor about Pat and another girl.
  • Episode 062
    Melinda and Pat have an awkward conversation with their mothers
  • Episode 063
    Melinda confronts Pat about the Poppy rumors.
  • Episode 064
    Melinda spends the day with her friends.
  • Episode 065
    Melinda embarks on some holiday traditions while Pat spends the day in New York City.
  • Episode 066
    More rumors about Poppy have Melinda questioning Pat’s fidelity.
  • Episode 067
    Melinda and Pat go on a tubing adventure.
  • Episode 068
    Melinda has a sleepover.
  • Episode 069
    When Melinda sees Pat kiss another girl, she starts to question their relationship.
  • Episode 070
    Melinda has an awkward conversation with Pat’s father about her relationship.
  • Episode 071
    Melinda and Pat discuss Melinda’s concerns.