Season 4

  • Episode 072
    Melinda is invited to a new dance class
  • Episode 073
    A different kind of big break ends Melinda’s hope of attending a new class
  • Episode 074
    Pat visits Melinda in the dorm
  • Episode 075
    Melinda tells her mother about her broken ankle and Pat volunteers for a new program
  • Episode 076
    Melinda finds an alternative to dance
  • Episode 077
    Melinda has her first basketball game
  • Episode 078
    Pat introduces Melinda to the Drive Me Home program
  • Episode 079
    Melinda and Pat go Christmas shopping with their friends
  • Episode 080
    After causing problems at one of Melinda’s basketball games, Pat decides to skip the second
  • Episode 081
    Melinda and Pat go on a date, but things don’t go quite as Pat planned
  • Episode 082
    It may be after curfew, but Melinda and Pat discuss what happened earlier in the evening
  • Episode 083
    Melinda and Pat fight
  • Episode 084
    Larry explains why he broke up with Sarah and Melinda and Pat reconcile
  • Episode 085
    Pat and Melinda say goodbye for winter break
  • Episode 086
    Merry Christmas
  • Episode 087
    Melinda and her brother are invited to visit Pat’s family
  • Episode 088
    Melinda and Pat have a misunderstanding
  • Episode 089
    Melinda runs into some old friends
  • Episode 090
    An incident in the pool makes Melinda uncomfortable
  • Episode 091
    Melinda questions her relationship with Pat
  • Episode 092
    Melinda gets to see Walter at work while Pat broods about his breakup
  • Episode 093
    Melinda spends the day in New York City with Walter
  • Episode 094
    Melinda and Walter babysit while Pat has his big interview
  • Episode 095
    When Pat returns to school, he has a falling out with his roommates
  • Episode 096
    Melinda confronts Pat about skipping classes
  • Episode 097
    Pat explains to Melinda & Walter why he was skipping classes
  • Episode 098
    Pat joins a new club
  • Episode 099
    Rumors abound and Pat gets a surprise visitor in
  • Episode 100
    More rumors leave Melinda heartbroken
  • Episode 101
    Melinda and Pat have a heart-to-heart
  • Episode 102
    When a potential new student shadows Melinda, Walter gets a crush and Pat gets an idea
  • Episode 103
    Pat has a party and everyone’s invited
  • Episode 104
    Pat sings his song for Melinda
  • Episode 105
    Everyone is snowed in
  • Episode 106
    Pat & Walter have an uncomfortable conversation with their father and a game of Truth or Dare reveals unwanted secrets
  • Episode 107
    Melinda has an uncomfortable conversation with her mother and everyone returns to school